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  • The seasoning tastes like there's salt in it. Is it really salt-free?
    Yes. We do not use any salt as this recipe was made for my mom who could not have any salt due to her health issues. Our matriarch passed away in 2018 and suffered with Diabetes, Hypertension, Gout, Congestive Heart Failure and Renal (Kidney) Failure (she later received a successful kidney transplant in 2009) and had a limited and strict diet. My dad is a huge Emeril Lagasse fan. Emeril once said, "You can easily put together your own favorite spice blend, whether that's a salt and pepper mixture or you're adding herbs to it or Creole spice. Just watch out for the sodium content. That's why I encourage you to make your own." Hearing this, was the inspiration for my dad to create a seasoning blend made for his wife and others facing similar health challenges.
  • Why is my Tropical seasoning hard?
    Along with lemon and orange zest, we also include lemon and orange juice from each fruit as added flavor to our seasonings. While this creates the flavor we want, liquid added to dry ingredients will create a hardness. Many of our customers mix it in the bottle with a butter knife, fork, or spoon to stir and use it as normal.
  • What organic peppers and herbs do you use?
    My dad is a great gardener and has an amazing green thumb. He grows black pepper, Jalapeno peppers, and chili peppers along with other vegetables. When his garden doesn't produce enough, we supplement by patronizing farmers at our local markets.
  • Which seasoning is your favorite?
    My dad would easily say it's a tie between the Regular and Tropical blends. My favorite seasoning is the seafood. As a Type 2 Diabetic and proud Charlestonian, I love seafood boils. The seafood seasoning adds the right flavor to my seafood boils, and I only need to add in a can of beer, splash of vinegar, and lemon juice!!!
  • Will you offer larger seasoning sizes?
    We will. As we grow our business, we want to partner with food trucks and restaurants to use our seasonings as part of their operations. We also want to distribute our seasoning in mom and pop stores and our local grocery stores. This will require larger seasoning sizes. It's coming!
  • How much of your family is involved in the business?
    When we say this is a family owned and operated business, we mean it. My dad mixes all of the seasonings and grows the ingredients. My role is to operate the business to expand and grow. My older brothers help conceptualize new blends and help to streamline processes for the business. My bonus son, niece, and nephew help by attending vendor shows with us, packing orders, and completing inventory. Our family is the first to try our newest blends and give us their honest (and blunt) feedback.
  • Can we customize the bundles?
    Yes! Please leave us a note at check out so we can exchange a blend to create the perfect bundle for you. For example, we have customers who do not like spicy foods. You can order the Spice Blends bundle and omit the Spicy blend and add another blend of your choice or even double up on one of the blends already included. Just let us know so we can make sure your order is right.
  • Do you offer personalized gifts for special occasions?
    Yes, please reach out to us so we can create a custom product for your event. We have done wedding favors, baby shower favors, and personalized gifts for Father's Day and Christmas. We are happy to work with you and your event idea!
  • Do you offer wholesale or bulk products?
    Yes. Please contact us at to place a wholesale order. We have a few store contracts and would love to have our products in your store or being used in your food business!
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