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We eat to live & love to eat.

Family Owned and Operated since 2021.

-   OUR STORY  -

Tanny Broughton's All-Purpose Seasoning is a seasoning company based out of North Charleston, South Carolina. We are a family owned, small business providing quality products while keeping our commitment to living healthier.


Humble Beginnings

My daddy and founder, Nathaniel "Tanny" Broughton, was born and raised in Huger, SC in 1950 to a father who owned his own business without the ability to read and write and a mother who instilled strong values into their 18 children. He met his wife, Connie, in 1981, and they shared a total of four children while helping to raise many others. I am their only daughter and youngest child, Chantelle.


My mom suffered from many ailments such as Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, Renal Disease, Gout, and more, and needed a very restrictive diet. Eliminating sugar and salt left her food tasting bland. As a family who shared many memories in the kitchen, this was the toughest battle of them all. With a knack for cooking and problem-solving, my daddy created his first seasoning - our fan-favorite Regular blend.



After my mom's passing in November 2018, my dad began to deal with depression relating to grief. He was used to caring for my mom, transporting her to appointments, and being a devoted husband who prepared all her meals to help her maintain her strict diet. I encouraged my dad to turn his hobby into a business and alas the Tanny Broughton's brand was launched in January of 2021.


Family Business

As a father/daughter duo, we share our love of food through each seasoning bottle. We continue the legacy of our matriarch by keeping our recipe salt-free without sugar using organic herbs and peppers straight from my daddy's garden. We truly believe great food can bring families together. If you're coming together for the holidays or cooking a quick meal for your busy family, we hope to be a part of your kitchen.

Love always,

The Broughton Family ❤️

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